Top 8 Local Shoe Brands In The Philippines For Budget Buyers

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top 8 local shoe brands in the philippines for budget buyers

In the Philippines, where fashion meets affordability, local shoe brands offer stylish options for budget-conscious buyers. From trendy sneakers to classic sandals, here are 8 homegrown shoe brands that combine quality craftsmanship with wallet-friendly prices.

1. Andanté

Andanté shoes exude a timeless, classic style that is reminiscent of something out of your dreams for a vintage girl. The 100% full grain leather top, leather lining, and Aerifoam soft insoles—which are lightweight, breathable, and designed to conform to your feet—are all handcrafted into each pair.

2. Rob & Mara

Rob & Mara has been providing high-quality shoes that will entice you to place further orders since 2015. Their shoe selection includes boots, moccasins, loafers, and sandals, all of which are expertly handmade from real leather. For instance, their Ezra Brogue is a best-seller. There are three hues available: Pearl, Arctic White, and Dark Chocolate.

3. Sapatero

The founders of Sapatero are passionate about resurrecting the Philippine handcrafted shoemaking heritage, which has been all but forgotten. Because of this, they work hard to produce their made-to-order and ready-to-wear items with the highest caliber possible. Only the most expert artisans hand-stitch and seal the best calfskins and naturally tanned leather from famous tanneries. This one could outlive you, so you won’t have to worry about its durability.

4. Hers by Godfather

Godfather Shoes, a company renowned for its exquisitely designed men’s leather shoes, has finally released its much-anticipated women’s shoe collection, “Hers by Godfather.” Hers by Godfather pairs are proudly handcrafted in Marikina from real leather, created to order, much like their men’s line. If you’re really interested in this artwork, turn on alerts for their page so you may be the first in line when pre-orders go live.

5. The Cobbler

Whether you wear them for work or play, tassel loafers are a timeless fashion choice. All of The Cobbler’s footwear is certain to be constructed entirely of full-grain leather. To ensure that your partner doesn’t miss out on the latest trends, they produce shoes for both men and women! Black, Walnut Brown, and Chestnut Brown are the additional color options for the Paige.

6. R.E. Craftsman

R.E. Craftsmanship is an expert in creating timeless custom-made classics. They have brogues, wingtips, and loafers that are sophisticated and retro at the same time. You get to choose the design, color, and materials to be used, so the pair you choose will definitely fit your tastes.

7. Marquina Shoemaker

You can never go wrong with Marquina Shoemaker when it comes to handcrafted shoes made in the Philippines. They provide footwear created in Marikina that combines classic styles with the newest fashions. They have a selection of handcrafted leather items, trendy formal shoes, and casual shoes for both men and women.

8. Balthazar

Balthazar, designed for the contemporary man, claims to provide high-quality, elegant, and most importantly, reasonably priced leather shoes. These shoes give a sophisticated touch to any ensemble, making them appropriate for both formal events and daily workplace use. Balthazar sells leather belts and shoe care items in addition to shoes.

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