“Unleash Resourcefulness and Protection through DIY Face Mask”

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“Unleash Resourcefulness and Protection through DIY Face Mask”

Philippines needed all those living in areas under enhanced community quarantine to wear face masks or other protective equipment when leaving their homes to slow Covid-19 spread.

However, with such a high demand and the nation’s health professionals requiring the available surgical and N95 masks, people turn to DIY cloth face masks for grocery shop trips and other important errands.

There are five main elements to an successful face mask according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention: it should fit snugly, be secured with ties or loops, contain several layers of cloth, there are no ventilation restrictions and can be washed without injury.

Another thing that people should take note is to understand why it is not appropriate to spray alcohol on their face mask. The materials used in a surgical mask: A good quality one has a white absorbent side plus water-repellent middle and outer colored layers. It prevents external entry of water droplets and fluids into the mask. Similarly, the absorbent coating that face will keep the body fluids from escaping the mask.

If someone spray alcohol on a waterproof surface, the layer dissolves and allows water to pass through. A chemistry instructor at the Kainan Vocational High School in Taipei explained, The masks have a layer of waterproof coating on the surface because of the need to block liquid droplets.

It’s better to take note of these things to maintain one’s health.

For those who are spending their time at home and they have enough clothes to make a face mask, it’s a great time to make a new one and be consistent in protecting oneself from the threat of the pandemic virus.

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