US Urges China to Play Nice in G20 Summit Amidst India’s Hosting

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us urges china to play nice in g20 summit amidst india's hosting

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has called on China to put aside its disputes with India and participate positively in the upcoming G20 summit. With China confirming President Xi Jinping’s absence from the meeting, Sullivan’s remarks emphasize the significance of China’s role in the summit’s success.

Tensions between India and China have escalated since a deadly clash at the Galwan Valley in Ladakh in 2020. The root cause of the tension is the poorly demarcated 3,440km-long de facto border along the Himalayas, where troops from both countries frequently face off. Recently, a diplomatic dispute erupted over an “official map” released by China, which India claimed encroached on its territory.

China’s Absence and Its Implications

China’s decision not to send President Xi Jinping to the G20 summit has raised questions about the impact of this absence on the event. While neither India nor China has provided specific reasons for Xi’s absence, it underscores the complex relationship between the two countries.

During a press briefing, Sullivan emphasized that it was up to China to determine its role in the summit. He mentioned that if China chose to be a “spoiler,” that option was available, but he encouraged China to engage constructively. Sullivan and other G20 members hope to focus on issues like climate change, multilateral development bank reform, debt relief, and technology cooperation, setting aside geopolitical tensions.

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The Significance of the G20

The G20, consisting of major economies, plays a crucial role in global economic discussions. These countries contribute significantly to the global economy, trade, and the world’s population. As the G20 summit approaches, the international community awaits China’s response to the call for constructive engagement.

China’s role in the G20 summit carries significant implications for global economic discussions. While tensions between India and China persist, the international community, led by the US, hopes that China will choose a constructive path during the summit, focusing on vital global issues rather than geopolitical disputes.

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