Vico Sotto, A Man of Action

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Everyone’s going crazy and impressed about the swift and decisive actions of Pasig Mayor, Vico Sotto in dealing with the pandemic COVID-19 to make sure that the people in the city are safely monitored. He leaps into numerous initiatives, including assuring Pasig government employees that they will continue to be paid, buying drones to disinfect the town, building disinfectant tents around possible hotzones, and converting Dahlia Motel into a quarantine zone.

Not only that, the effortless charisma and personality of the Pasig City Mayor has set a higher number of social media threads. A lot of filipinos can see the potential of this man and how be showed what a “man of action” is.

He stated a good perspective saying that amidst the crisis, it’s always just a matter of finding the right balance. They definitely don’t want to go too quickly, so there’s nothing going to happen. When they are trying to move too fast, the people, the organisation, the company can not be ready for it.

This was his mindset to take it slowly but surely as one take action over the deal with COVID-19 in the city of Pasig.

He’s unstoppable. People can see the loads of concern line on his forehead, people can almost feel the lump in his throat as he begged government to allow tricycles to ply Pasig’s streets to make it there on time for those who needed to be taken to hospitals. Looking at the actions of the mayor, it seems that while others still didn’t care about the spread of the virus like the condition of life and death it is, he was already fighting the problem head on, killer smile attached.

This trying times has set the Mayor to rise in the middle of the crisis. Over the popularity he is gaining right now among the netizens, he’s focused and busy doing. He’s the leader filipinos are looking for.

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