Vico Sotto: The Leader that Sets a Hopeful Example to Silence Corruption in the Country

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It’s another milestone of leadership for Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto since he is among 12 leaders who got the Inaugural International Anticorruption Champions Award which was dispatched by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The organization of US President Joe Biden acquainted the honor with perceive people who have attempted to safeguard straightforwardness, battle defilement and guarantee responsibility in their own nations.

They highlighted that Victor Sotto who is Mayor of Pasig, is a leading figure for another age of Philippine government officials who focus on anticorruption and straightforwardness activities in their political races and in office which is something to look forward with and be proud of.

Taking note of that Sotto was only 29 years of age when he dominated the mayoral race in his old neighborhood, the US Department of State featured that his earlier work as city councilor brought about an opportunity of data enactment. The principal such law in Metro Manila, this enactment permitted Pasig occupants to demand records without giving support.

Sotto has looked to cement his standing as a new voice with another, more straightforward way to deal with administration. He vowed to stay away from any payoffs in the granting of city contracts, set up an every minute of every day public data and grievances hotline, officially elaborate common society associations in the city’s planning and strategy making, and commanded that the estimation of all regional government contracts be decreased by in any event 10% a measure proposed to lessen pay off in the agreement granting measure.

Through this, blinken shared that the 12 awardees enlivened Washington and their partners in seeking after their obligation to truth, straightforwardness and responsibility. We will overcome debasement by executing sound changes predictable with worldwide anticorruption responsibilities; creating straightforward, responsible establishments; and engaging residents, columnists, and common society associations to help rout this worldwide danger to security and vote based system.

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