What is the 0956 network in the Philippines?

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the network tm or globe

Prefixes for mobile numbers in the Philippines may be confusing. It’s quite problematic since certain promotions are only available on specific networks, and you risk incurring additional fees if you accidently call the phone number of one of those networks.

You’re not alone if you’re seeking for 0956 Network, 0965 What Network, 0995 0956 0965 Globe, or Smart.

Globe’s prefix 0956 is used in the Philippines. One of the new phone numbers from Globe Telecom is this one.

What is the 0956 network?

The 0956 or +63956 mobile networks are managed by Touch Mobile or Globe Telecom. The list of prefixes for mobile numbers in 2021 is updated annually. With the Globe numbers list 2022 in particular, you might need to check for revisions every year.

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Six cellular networks run by two significant telecommunications technology firms provide cellular communication in the Philippines.

As a result, it could be challenging to determine which network owns a certain cell phone number. You could have found yourself asking your acquaintances, for instance, which cellular network uses cell phone numbers that start with 0956. And that just leaves you with two options: either they provided you with the right response or they did not.

0956 What Network?

Mobile phone numbers in the Philippines starting with 0956 are a part of the TM network, commonly known as TM Tambayan and formerly known as Touch Mobile and Republika ng TM. Using the smartphone application PreFIX PH, it was determined that all numbers starting with the number 0956, independent of the subsequent digits, were TM numbers.

Contrary to customers of Smart, TNT, or Sun Cellular, users of TM and Globe may chat and text one other for a very low cost because TM was founded and is owned by Globe Telecom, Inc. Additionally, this explains why the mobile prefixes of the TM and Globe networks are grouped together.

Is Globe And TM The Same?

Let’s examine it from a commercial perspective. Globe Telecom, Inc. is the owner of the Globe Telecom network. Since TM was established in 2001 by the same company, TM is considered a “subsidiary” of Globe Telecom, Inc.

TM and Globe are therefore different from one another in terms of being cellular service brands, and vice versa for Globe. However, given that TM is a division of Globe’s parent company, it is possible for these two networks to be interconnected.

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