Philippines extends SIM registration deadline by 90 days

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philippines extends sim registration deadline by 90 days

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) said today that it will extend the deadline for mobile phone customers to comply with the government’s required SIM registration program by 90 days.

In response to national security concerns, the SIM registration program mandates all mobile phone users in the Philippines to register their SIM cards with their respective service providers. The program tries to prevent terrorists and criminal elements from using unregistered SIM cards.

The original deadline for SIM registration was April 30, 2023, however the NTC has now moved it out to July 29, 2023, to provide for more time to finish the registration process.

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The NTC stated that the extension was decided in response to the public’s overwhelming demand for more time to comply with the program. The NTC has received several requests from mobile phone users who have been unable to finish their registration for a variety of reasons, including trouble acquiring the required papers.

Mobile phone users now have extra time to finish their SIM registration without danger of losing their phone numbers or being disconnected from their service providers, thanks to the extension of the deadline. The NTC also informed the public that if they do not comply with the SIM registration scheme, their SIM cards will be deactivated.

The NTC has also urged mobile phone customers to take advantage of the extended deadline and register as soon as possible to avoid future hassle.

Finally, the extension of the SIM registration deadline is welcome news for mobile phone users who have been straining to keep up with the program. Users now have an extra 90 days to complete their registration and ensure that they are not removed from their service providers. It is critical that everyone takes advantage of this opportunity and registers as soon as possible to avoid any potential complications later on.

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