What Is The Real Name Of Bugoy Na Koykoy? Age & Net Worth

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what is the real name of bugoy na koykoy age net worth

Bugoy is devoted to the life of the streets; he is covered with tattoos and can be seen tossing placards and counting stacks. He is one of the most prolific Filipino rappers, releasing approximately four mixtapes each year and uploading weekly music videos and vlogs that are always well received.

His approach is uncomplicated and straight to the point, with few rhythms that serve as a blank slate for a flow that is not hurried. Bugoy, whose name comes from a dialect of the Philippines called Bisaya and means “bad kid,” raps about life in the “hood,” which for him is the city of Sorrento, Cavite. 

He is only concerned with accumulating wealth, acquiring automobiles and female companionship, and avoiding interaction with law enforcement. He is also not hesitant to talk about his old life as a drug dealer, which is controversial (and perhaps deadly) given the violent battle that this country is currently waging against illegal drugs. However, it does not appear to bother him as he is doing well in spite of his history.

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Real Name of Bugoy na Koykoy

The rapper’s name is Koykoy Sorrento, a rightful Virgo born on September 21, and a famous rapper, vlogger, and entrepreneur. 

Where is he now?

Bugoy na Koykoy is back with a brand-new mixtape to showcase his talents as a rapper from the Philippines.

The year 2021 was a very eventful one for the rapper, who also managed to put out three albums: Legendary Sht, Lemon Water, and Intercoolest. He took his followers by surprise by announcing the release of his newest mixtape, titled 2022 Joints, in an Instagram post from the previous day (January 27). At this time, each song can be accessed through his official account on YouTube.

The unhurried flow of Bugoy na Koykoy is improved throughout the album by Samsara304 and Dollar2Peso, both of whom are also rap artists. Producer Eversince is in charge of the album’s production. After having one of the most successful local singles of 2021 with the song “Stig,” which included Ex Battalion member Flow G, the rapper has been able to maintain his momentum.

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