“Young Innovator ready to Help in the midst of Crisis”

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Marcus Chu, 16, grade 10 was printing 3D filaments to use for the face shields of frontliners.

Marcus Chu leverages the most from the lockout. The Grade 10 student, who just turned 16 a week ago, was printing 3D filaments to use for the face shields of frontliners.

It started with a message to Facebook. His dad showed him an online letter from one of his titos requesting donations of 3D filaments. “He was collecting donations in Ospital ng Makati to make face-shield masks for donation to frontliners,” Chu told Esquire. He had just got a 3D printer for Christmas, luckily, and he had 3D filaments available for him.

He started printing face shield frames using an open source template provided by his tito. To build the shield a sheet of acetate may be added to the framework.

The concept is very simple. Collectively, even with at least five printers, people can think about 50 + could be produced within 24 hours.

Chu acknowledges that his printer is on the entry-level and can only generate eight frames in a day, so he urges those with 3D printers to take the initiative.

Chu is still attending online school from Monday to Friday, and although acknowledging that the quarantine is a challenge, he remains optimistic about it: There is not much he can do about it right now. He expressed that he was also glad that his Tito Erik gave him the chance to help out in this situation.

This young innovator is one of the worlds hope in strengthening the talents and capability of the youth.

We are never too young and too old to help and be a spark of hope for others.

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