Top 10 Cellphone Brands in the Philippines 2022

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cellphone brands in the philippines

In this day and age of increasing mechanization and reliance on internet commerce, everyone needs a smartphone. But the question that really matters is, which mobile phone brand is right for you?

A new smartphone purchase can be nerve-wracking for some people, especially if they are unsure of which companies offer devices with the features and capabilities that best meet their requirements.

If you still have doubts about what to get next, we’ve got you covered. 

Below are the top 10 Cellphone Brands in the Philippines 2022:


1) Apple

These days, Apple is widely regarded as the number one cellphone brand in the Philippines and in the world for electronic devices, particularly for smartphones. With a market value of $ 2.4 trillion, Apple is considered to be the most valuable corporation in the world. The company holds the second-highest ranking among the world’s major smartphone brands.

It is common knowledge that Apple products have a higher level of security than Android-based products, and information security companies tend to agree with this assessment. Even while an iPhone may be expensive to purchase, it has a resale value that is substantially higher than that of an Android phone. The fact that iPhones are made of high-quality materials, which significantly contributes to their resale value, is the final but certainly not the least factor.

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2) Samsung

Second on the list is the biggest cell phone manufacturer in the world, Samsung. It is common knowledge that Samsung is the maker of mobile brands that has the biggest market share worldwide. According to the opinions of customers located all around the world, Samsung is one of the most reliable firms on the planet because of the exceptional quality of its customer service and the longevity of its smartphones. The majority of Samsung’s smartphone models offer excellent value for the money and are known for their great ease of use. using top-tier software in all respects. A record 321.3 million products were sold, bringing in revenue of 211.2 billion US dollars for Samsung.

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This kind of mobile phone, particularly the Galaxy series, is capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously. You should be able to begin working as soon as you turn on your smartphone, which means that you should have quick and easy access to Google Workspace as well as Microsoft Office. During this time of pandemic where the majority of people are at work from home, it is easy to become distracted with things inside the house, such as if the laundry is done or if you forgot to turn off the light somewhere in the house. For example, it is easy to become distracted with things inside the house. Well, Samsung provides its customers with a platform called SmartThings, which enables Galaxy users to check a single device for all notifications and easily control anything from the thermostat to the TV. This makes it possible for you to concentrate while you are at work and then relax when you get home.

3) Huawei

Third on the list is one of the leading cell phone brands in the Philippines, Huawei. There is no denying the quality of the cameras found on Huawei smartphones. They are sophisticated and potent, but there is a significant drawback. As a result of a trade embargo established by the United States government, the most recent Huawei phones are unable to utilize Google Mobile Services and do not even have the Google Play Store installed. 

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4) Oppo

This brand is also one of the most well-liked brands in the Philippines because of the camera features it offers at reasonable prices. Oppo is well-known for producing smartphones that are both inexpensive and equipped with superior camera technology. It is possible to use it as an all-in-one phone and falls into the category of mid-range devices. Oppo sold 29 million gadgets in 2020, producing $137.7 million in profits. As of right now, Oppo holds 8.3 percent of the market share. BBK Electronics, the parent company of Vivo, OnePlus, and Realme, is also the parent firm of Oppo.

The use of vibrant colors gives Oppo smartphones its distinctive look. These smartphones also include vital features that you won’t find on any other brand of smartphone, such as a pop-up camera. Additionally, they have a long battery life, exceptional performance, and consistent photographic skills.

5) Xiaomi

On the list of the biggest smartphone brands in the world, Xiaomi comes in fourth place with a market share of 10.8 percent thanks to the fact that it is a Chinese multinational company. This brand, belonging to the top 10 cellphone brands in the Philippines, sold 206 million gadgets in 2020, producing $25.4 billion in sales.

In addition to having higher battery capacities, Xiaomi’s mobile devices come equipped with technologies that allow for faster charging (both wired and wireless). In addition, in comparison to other expensive phone companies on the market, Xiaomi offers quicker CPUs and more RAM in their products.

6) Vivo

The price point of VIVO phones is a major selling point for this top 10 cellphone brand in the Philippines. If you use a VIVO phone, you’ll also have access to some remarkable features and specifications. Just like Xiaomi, VIVO’s main focus is on offering high-end features at affordable prices. Vivo entered into a strategic partnership with the NBA China in 2016, becoming the organization’s official mobile smartphone sponsor.

With a strategy that is firmly based on 5G-enabled smartphones, vivo plans to expand into multi-device, multi-application offers and intends to delight its customers by giving experiences that are increasingly rich and connected.

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7) Nokia

This is one of the most popular cell phone brands in the Philippines; however, due to some issues, it has stopped production. In 2008, Nokia dominated the mobile phone business with a market share of 38 percent, making them the undisputed market leader. However, the company was unable to keep up with the advances in technology and consequently lost market share to rivals.

This cellphone brand is renowned for the tank-like construction of their products, and because they have maintained the same high standards of quality up to this day, their goods are among the most long-lasting available on the market. The latest products from Nokia have been put through durability testing that is more rigorous than what is often done in the industry. This is done to ensure that the products live up to the high standards set by Nokia.

8) Asus

Asus ranks eighth on the list of the cell phone brands to look out for in the Philippines. Asus is known for producing phones that stand out from the competition. These phones are typically sold at a price that is comparable to the performance and features that they offer. In the case of the ROG Phone, Asus utilizes its own internal expertise in addition to a thriving community to produce the best gaming phone that is currently on the market.

9) Lenovo

Although on a much smaller scale, Lenovo’s gaming PC expertise has been applied to the company’s most recent gaming smartphone. In spite of the company’s reputation for producing laptops, Lenovo offers a number of remarkable models with specifications worthy of praise. In addition, the company does not generally demand excessive prices (with the exception of its most recent gaming devices), which means that you may be able to purchase respectable phones for a lower price. To provide a brief summary, Lenovo is one of the top 10 cellphone brands in the Philippines that is highly dependable. 

10) TCL

TCL might be underrated, but it is one of the cell phone brands to look out for. The Chinese electronics company is well-known for its low-cost televisions, which are sold in nations all over the world, as well as a variety of soundbars that go with those televisions. These televisions are marketed in countries all over the world.

Both of these smartphones have a sturdy build quality, which gives them the appearance and sensation of being more expensive than they actually are. This is because the manufacturers paid attention to the things that users care about the most, such as having a battery life that lasts for an extended period of time, having great performance, having enough storage, and having a smart design.

Which of the ten presented above is your favorite and why? Put your thoughts in the comments!

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