‘Youth Over Flowers’ Returns with Seventeen

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'youth over flowers' returns with seventeen

The “Youth Over Flowers” project that Na Young Suk, PD, is producing with SEVENTEEN is finally happening!

A tvN representative confirmed on September 8 that “PD Na Young Suk and SEVENTEEN are currently filming.” To ensure a secure and efficient filming process, we kindly ask for your understanding as we are unable to provide specific details. More details will be released as they become available.

Following the conclusion of the group’s “FOLLOW” tour in Japan, SEVENTEEN and the production team headed by PD Na Young Suk were spotted at the airport earlier in the day. As a result, there are rumours that SEVENTEEN may be travelling abroad to shoot “Youth Over Flowers.”

SEVENTEEN gained access to their own “Youth Over Flowers” series as a result of their performance on PD Na Young Suk’s YouTube variety show “The Game Caterers 2.” The SEVENTEEN members each made a wish that they thought the production crew would grant during the show. Out of 60 empty wish coupons, they miraculously only needed two tries to select the “SEVENTEEN’s ‘Youth Over Flowers'” coupon.

The cast of the travelling variety show “Youth Over Flowers” is duped into taking  unplanned trips by the production crew. It debuted on tvN in 2014, and the final episode of the WINNER-centered series aired in 2017.

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More about “Youth Over Flowers”

The South Korean travel reality programme “Youth Over Flowers” follows a group of celebrities as they visit a foreign nation and immerse themselves in the local culture. Since it began airing in 2010, the programme has featured a range of famous people, including actors, singers, and idols.

An offshoot of the original programme is the “Youth Over Flowers” initiative. The K-pop boy band Seventeen will appear in it as they venture abroad and take on various tasks. The programme is anticipated to debut in 2023.

The “Youth Over Flowers” project offers Seventeen a one-of-a-kind chance to present their personalities and skills to a large audience. Fans of Seventeen and the “Youth Over Flowers” series are also anticipated to enjoy the show.

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