2020 Indonesian local elections, Independent Candidate Reaches 58 Percent

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The Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU) requires that the candidate pair submit the support and distribution requirements to the Regency / City KPU through the Nomination Information System (Silon). Based on the paslon data that submitted an application to obtain a Silon account. As many as 58 percent of potential candidate pairs (paslon) have the potential to advance in the 2020 Regional Election (Pilkada) for the election of mayors and regents through individual channels.

It was said by KPU Commissioner Evi Novida Ginting Manik, as many as 159 pairs of 135 regencies and 24 cities (29 provinces) from 261 regencies / cities and nine provinces that would hold simultaneous local elections.

“Data as of February 18, 2020 at 22:30 WIB. The number of districts / cities that have the potential for individual candidates is 159 districts / cities or 58.89 percent,” Evi said, Tuesday (18/2).

Evi explained, the most potential individual candidates came from Central Java with 14 pairs of candidates participating in the regent election (pilbup) and two candidate pairs for mayor election (pilwalkot). Then, North Sumatra with 12 potential candidate pairs for pilwakot and four candidate pairs for pilbup.

Furhermore, she explained the submission of support and distribution requirements to Regency / City KPU began on February 19, 2020. Individual candidate pairs must bring support documents in the form of Model Forms B.1-KWK, B.1.1-KWK, and B.2-KWK printed after they complete the input data of their supporters in Silon.

“Regency / City KPU then while checking the amount of support and distribution of individual candidates in order to meet the minimum requirements of support based on KPU regulations on the election of candidates (19-26 February 2020). After that is fulfilled, the Regency / City KPU will verify the administration and multiplication of the supporting documents (27 February-25 March 2020),” Evi noted.

The minimum requirement for support from individual candidates who are advanced at the regent / mayor level is calculated based on the number of permanent voter lists (DPT) in their area. Among other things, 10 percent for the DPT to 250,000; 8.5 percent for the number of DPT between 250,000-500,000; 7.5 percent for the DPT amount between 500,000-1 million; and 6.5 percent for DPT amounts above 1 million.

The terms of support must also be spread over more than 50 percent of the number of sub-districts in the district / city concerned. Meanwhile, the 2020 elections will be held next September in nine provinces, 224 districts and 37 cities.

If the support does not meet the requirements, or because there is a multiplication, then during the repair period, the support requirements that must be deposited are twice as much as the previous balance. For example, as many as 1,000 supporters / KTPs did not meet the requirements, there were 2,000 supporters who needed to be paid up.

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