A bloody pentagram in a Singaporean primary school textbook

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 ASEAN ASEAN – A Singaporean textbook publisher has discovered that using a gory pentagram to educate primary school children about forms may not be the most effective method of teaching shapes.

The publisher Marlinsons recently issued an apology for including a graphic of a blood-splattered pentagram in a Mandarin textbook intended for students in Primary 2.

pentagram singapore assessment book 03 1

Upon seeing that the gory pentagram was right next to other innocent graphics in the Primary 2 textbook, Reddit users expressed their surprise. ā€” Photograph courtesy of Reddit user Themoltenbeacon

The graphic appears in a part intended to educate youngsters about word recognition, right next to illustrations of “triangles” and “watercolor,” which are both more commonplace in children‘s books.

When contacted by Coconuts, Marlinsons said that it was “unaware that this was a Satanist symbol” and that it would recall all existing stock and dispose of it.

“We commit to exercise more caution and strengthen our quality inspection system in order to avoid such errors from occurring in the future,” the publisher said.

pentagram singapore assessment book 02

The front cover of the textbook in question ā€” Image courtesy of Reddit user Themoltenbeacon

On Reddit, a user named Themoltenbeacon shared photographs from the textbook, much to the enjoyment of other users.

“You were looking for forms, weren’t you? You got four for the price of one. The shapes are as follows: star, circle, triangle, and pentagon. “Can you tell me why you’re upset?” One person made a joke about it.

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