Khairy demands an end to the smear campaign against physicians and nurses who administer Covid-19 shots to children

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MalaysiaMalaysia – After online insults on the nurse who gave his six-year-old son the Covid-19 vaccine injection, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin lauded her professionalism.

Some social media users claimed the 48-second video uploaded by the Health Ministry depicting the vaccination procedure had been manipulated, accusing the unnamed nurse of removing the liquid vaccine from the syringe immediately before delivering the injection.

“I affirm that the nurse who delivered my son’s immunization was highly professional and competent. The strategy of not showing my kid the needle worked well and helped him relax. May all physicians and nurses participating in #PICKids be safe from smears from some parties,” Khairy tweeted.

He also shared a video of a nurse describing how to provide an immunization to a youngster while doing the procedure.

Following the public outcry, a four-minute video clip of the nurse demonstrating and explaining the Covid-19 immunization procedure for youngsters was released on social media just recently.

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She was overheard explaining that she would usually show the child’s parents the container holding the liquid vaccination, draw up the liquid, and show them the amount in the syringe for their consent before injecting it.

She said that she would then converse with the youngster in order to alleviate any nervousness or concern before administering the injection.

The nurse said that she would show the syringe to the child’s mom again to demonstrate that there was no liquid inside as confirmation that the vaccination had been given.

She went on to say that information on the procedure can be accessed online and that individuals should do their homework.

“Please, if you don’t know anything, don’t make assumptions or allegations since you’re dealing with people’s lives.”

“You would be uncomfortable and upset if something happened to you.  I’m simply performing my job as smoothly as possible and making the procedure as pleasant as possible for the child.” She said in response to her critics, and also remarked in the video that she tried to prevent traumatizing the child.

As of now, 246,869 children in the country have gotten their first dose of Covid-19, and approximately 900,000 children have signed up for immunization using the MySejahtera app.

Through PICKids, the Health Ministry hopes to reach 70% of eligible children within two months with the first dosage and finish both doses within six months.

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