A Call to Patch Up the Social Cash Transfer

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Surprisingly, The  state-claimed postal organization PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) voiced availability to patch up the dispersion of Social Cash Transfer (BST) from the public authority to Indonesian residents through a plenty of developments.

In view of this, President Director of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), Faizal R. Djoemadi, expressed in Jakarta, Monday, that the BST was prepared for disbursal to 2,635,630 recipient families. In examination, the absolute number of BST beneficiaries across Indonesia arrived at 10 million recipient families recorded in the Integrated Social Welfare Data.

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In fact, Faizal noticed that Pos Indonesia had made a few developments to smooth out the BST appropriation measure, so the program could run in a more straightforward, quick, and responsible way just as be on track in accordance with the assumptions for the president and the get-togethers serve.

With the AKHLAK (ethics) culture and the soul of  join to rise, they will propel the digitization of business cycles, activities, and organization of BST in 2021. This is what Faizal noted in a composed explanation.

The public authority, through the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, again circulated BST for May and June that the recipient families will get in July 2021. Some Rp300 thousand is being given to every Beneficiary Family (KPM) each month. The beneficiary will promptly get a two-month share of Rp600 thousand.

The public authority again entrusted PT Pos Indonesia with the BST appropriation measure. To this end, upwards of 21,000 Pos faculty cross country were sent to enhance the dissemination. Along with this, Pos Indonesia representatives, as community workers, have been given immunizations, with the goal that they are more sure and protected in serving the Indonesian public.

As per the public authority’s program to control COVID-19, Pos Indonesia has directed immunization for all workers cross country in April 2021. Talking regarding BST, Sugiarta noticed that the trust set by the public authority was inferable from the achievement of the 2020 BST dispersion execution, at a scoring of 97.14 percent of the objective.

Morever, In 2021, with the maxim “Joined together and Rise,” Pos Indonesia is wanting to accomplish strong 100% BST dispersion as per the Ministry of Social Affairs’ objective.

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