Autopsy confirms Ganapathy’s death due to injuries, family lawyer says

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An autopsy has confirmed the lawyer for the family of cow milk dealer A. Ganapathy’s death was caused by injuries on his legs and shoulders while being held in police custody. K. Ganesh has been claiming that a doctor in Kuala Lumpur Hospital’s Pathology Department reported Ganapathy’s family about the discoveries regarding the autopsy on Wednesday.

“We were told he died of severe injuries on his legs,” he said, adding that the cop examining the death of Ganapathy’s was likewise present when the findings were shown to the family. Although the family was informed about the initial findings, they are still waiting for full autopsy result as stated by lawyer. According to him, it has been eight hours since the day of his death when the autopsy was taken, yet, no reports have been received by the family although having told about the findings.

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Ganapathy’s mother, S. Thanaletchumy, 60, stated in the police report on March 11 that her son had been arrested last February 24 to help in the investigation concerning one of his brothers with the police.

She claimed in the report that Ganapathy was looking healthy at the time of his arrest, in spite of a clinical history of heart issues and diabetes.

Thanaletchumy and her family were reached by the police on March 8 to inform them that Ganapathy had been transferred to Selayang Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

As Ganapathy was being confined, there have been confirmed kidney issues as well as amputation of his leg.

In the report given by Thanaletchumy, they are claiming that the amputation was due to her son being beaten during his time in police custody.

She also reported that Ganapathy told her that the police has been beating him up with a rubber hose. His family asserted that his health disintegrated because of the beatings, and that the swellings and the injuries on his legs were appears to be caused by the beatings.

Ganapathy’s death was declared on April 18 at Selayang Hospital, a month after he was first warded, leaving behind his two children aged five and seven. Gombak district police chief ACP Arifai Tarawe will hold a press conference about Ganapathy’s death later today.

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