Shahidan Kassim refused to leave UMNO

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Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, who is the MP of Arau has stated that he would not leave UMNO despite no longer holding the post as the Perlis UMNO liaison committee chairman.

He has emphasized that there is no reason to quit the party since he has been doing a good job in leading UMNO even in the previous general election where the state government has been formed in Perlis.

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In a press conference that was held, he said that he actually ranked second as the candidate to win the highest majority in Perlis that was due to the overwhelming support of the people and because of that reason, he will stay loyal to the party.

“What I am worried about now is other people who have lost their stand to Umno. What is important here is that I have been ‘commander’ for Perlis Umno in many elections and we all won,” He added.

Shahidan claimed that he is a kind of leader who gives priority to the party’s struggle and that he will lead Araua Umno Division into winning the GE15.

He also questioned why would be the matters of leaving UMNO be addressed to people like him who are actually fighting for the party instead of those individuals who are only after the rewards.

In a separate statement, Shahidan also mentioned that he is prepared to join efforts with the new Perlis Umno liaison committee chairman Datuk Seri Azlan Man in order to make the party stronger within the state.

“When I was the chairman of the meeting, (Azlan) was always absent. Just this time I hope he can attend the meeting.

“I also do not want to comment on how many Umno grassroots rejected Azlan’s appointment because what is important now is that I want to ensure that the entire Arau

Division wins in the next general election,” he said while adding that the division’s job is to choose candidates who will vie for the seats in the next general election which is under the new party Constitution. It has been announced on April 24 that UMNO president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is changing the Perlis UMNO chairman which will be taking effect immediately

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