Cheat Codes Of Dude Theft Wars(January Updated 2023)

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cheat codes of dude theft warsseptember updated 2022

Last updated on January 9th, 2023 at 01:25 pm

Cheat codes for Dude Theft Wars, which is a sandbox game with an open environment in which players assume the role of Jack and are seeking for them, are being sought after by players (dude). It’s been suggested that this game shares some traits with Grand Theft Auto, which may explain why it’s become so popular.

What is Dude Theft Wars?

The game Dude Theft Wars is an RPG, just like Grand Theft Auto. This game is accessible for Android smartphones through the Google Play Store, where it may be downloaded and played. Poxel Studios is the company behind the creation of this game. Because this game takes place in an open environment, the player is free to do anything they choose, and the exciting part is that just like Grand Theft Auto, even Dude Theft Wars features a number of hacks.

It is one of the best open world games available, and it combines humorous games with games based on physics. The game’s offline story mode features a large open world area along with beautiful graphics and missions that are full of excitement.

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All the cheat codes in Dude Theft Wars

Following is the list of Dude Theft Wars cheat codes:

  1. Giantdudes –  helps to grow like a Giant
  2. Heytaxi – will bring cars near you
  3. Nosforever – will increase the speed of your car
  4. Night – Change the time into the night 
  5. Evening – Change the time to Evening
  6. Dudebolt 
  7. Popoplz  
  8. Crowd 99
  9. Day – Change the time to Morning.
  10. Suppahotslap – can fire your hand and kill people around you.
  11. Dudekong –  can explode the cars nearby
  12. Antdude – will make you small in size, like an ant

How do you activate the cheats?

First, you’ll have to open the game, and then click on the Phone icon on the left side of the game. A series of options will appear before you, just like a phone, and find the “Cheats.exe” and then click on it. Finally, insert the cheat code into the space given. 

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You may also play offline and online multiplayer games of Dude Theft Wars directly in your web browser on your personal computer or mobile device, without having to download anything.

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thx for all the cheats

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