Chinese Brand Hongqi Drives into the Philippine Market

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chinese brand hongqi drives into the philippine market

In a groundbreaking move, Hongqi, the distinguished Chinese automobile brand synonymous with resilience, strength, and grandeur, is stepping onto the global stage. While many nations have flag carriers to represent their identities, China stands uniquely as a nation with its flag personified by an automotive legend. This is the compelling tale of Hongqi, whose name translates to “red banner” in Chinese, mirroring not just the flag’s hue but also embodying the nation’s spirit. Now, Hongqi is making waves in the Philippines, marking an auspicious entry into the Southeast Asian market, coinciding perfectly with cultural beliefs and celebrations.

Hongqi’s debut in the Philippines was no ordinary event. The launch took place on September 15, 2023, a date carefully chosen to align with Filipino-Chinese cultural beliefs and mark the end of the ghost month, a significant period in the lunar calendar for these communities and businesses. This cultural synchronization showcased Hongqi’s respect for local traditions and values.

A Noble Setting for a Noble Brand

Consistency and alignment are at the core of Hongqi’s strategy. The flagship Hongqi dealership, located on the ground floor of the Asian Century Center Building at the intersection of 27th and 4th Streets in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), is a testament to this commitment. The showroom is a work of art, exuding nobility through its well-finished and spacious interior, adorned with ample lighting—a fitting environment for a brand that aspires to embody luxury.

A Grand Entrance

The launch event was not just about unveiling cars; it was an extravagant spectacle. As guests gathered and awaited the program’s commencement, a marching band took center stage. Marching along the corner of 3rd and 27th streets, they heralded the impending arrival of something grand. Following the band, a parade showcased Hongqi’s vehicles, a refreshing departure from the conventional song and dance routines often seen at car launches.

The event continued with a ribbon-cutting ceremony graced by distinguished personalities. Dan Florentino, Chief Operating Officer of Transnational Diversified Group (TDG); Jose Roberto Delgado, Chairman of TDG; and Rashid Delgado, President of EVOxTerra Inc., were present at this momentous occasion. This trio represents the driving force behind Hongqi’s entry into the Philippine market, emphasizing the importance of this partnership.

Rashid Delgado, in a brief Q&A session, highlighted the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. When questioned about the inclusion of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles alongside Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), Rashid Delgado elucidated that there is still a demand for ICE vehicles in the market. It provides consumers with a chance to appreciate Hongqi’s legacy of luxury and innovation since its inception in 1958.

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Design Excellence by Giles Taylor

The Hongqi vehicles on display in the showroom left an indelible impression. Their design exudes a commanding presence, capturing attention and admiration. Notably, Hongqi enlisted the renowned Giles Taylor as its Global Vice President for Design and Chief Creative Officer. Known for his design work with luxury brands like Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, and Citroën, Giles Taylor played a pivotal role in transforming Hongqi’s design language. Chinese nationals were seen taking photos of the Hongqi cars outside the showroom, reaffirming Hongqi’s status as a symbol of wealth and nobility in Chinese car ownership.

Guests were not just there to admire the cars; they had the opportunity to test drive Hongqi vehicles around BGC. This immersive experience instilled confidence in TDG’s decision to represent a brand that aligns with their vision of quality and sustainability. Rashid Delgado’s accessibility throughout the evening emphasized his commitment to both sustainable mobility and sustainable living.

TDG’s partnership with EVOxTerra for Hongqi is a promising collaboration, aligning with TDG’s successful track record in international partnerships, exemplified by its enduring relationship with NYK. The success of a car brand depends on product quality, customer service, and relevance in the market. Hongqi, with its beautifully crafted luxury vehicles and innovative designs, seamlessly fits the luxury market while also offering practicality with the E-QM5, a Giles Taylor-designed BEV sedan priced at only P1.78 million. This sedan features a 140kw motor with a range of 430 kilometers, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

A Symbol of Luxury and Innovation

Hongqi, representing the Chinese nation, has made its grand debut in the Philippines through TDG and EVOxTerra, offering not just cars but an entire ecosystem for electric vehicle adoption. With a luxurious showroom in the heart of BGC and vehicles that embody luxury and innovation, Hongqi is poised to prove its worth in the Philippine market. It provides compelling reasons for consumers to choose Hongqi, offering a superior driving experience that befits its status as an emblem of luxury, resilience, and grandeur

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