Chiz Escudero’s secretary identity revealed?

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Chiz Escudero’s secretary identity revealed

Unending speculations about the senator and his fashionista wife, Heart Evangelista, has been dominating the web since most people were fans of their relationship. Most locals know that both Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista had fought wars in order for them to be together and get married, so most people were surprised that Chiz Escudero would have the audacity to cheat. 

The rumors had started right off-the-bat coming into September as netizens had noticed Heart Evangelista’s Instagram changes. Heart Evangelista removed the ‘Escudero’ from her bio, and even deleted her anniversary post greeting for Chiz, signaling that the two may be experiencing rocky waters.

However, cheating rumors sparked when Ogie Diaz went on to speculate about this and discussed that a third party may have gotten involved.

Chiz Escudero’s secretary?

Netizens swarmed the net to discuss among themselves who Chiz Escudero’s rumored mistress is. A lot of them uncovered that it might be the classic third-party-cliche, Chiz Escudero’s secretary.

Nothing much comes up when you search for Chiz Escudero’s secretary online; however, a few of the netizens say that it is allegedly Merl Gratela, which was never confirmed by a credible source in any way possible. It is undoubtedly possible that netizens are just throwing names in the air to keep the rumor going.

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The other half says that the mistress wasn’t Chiz Escudero’s secretary, but a girl from a bar. 

It did not aid the situation when Heart Evangelista went on her Youtube channel to say that she’s not doing so well as of the moment, maybe confirming that the cheating rumors are true. 

Nonetheless, no actual statements are heard from both sides. 

Chiz Escudero slams Cristy Fermin with a lawsuit

Chiz Escudero allegedly filed a lawsuit against Cristy Fermin, the gossip columnist, for libel as she has been making Heart Evangelista the centerfold of her stories for the entire month. Sources say that Chiz was thinking about letting it go; however, upon seeing the misery of his wife, he thought that it was better to teach a lesson.

However, there is no official statement yet that was released that solidifies this occurrence. 

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