Thai soldier is charged for deadly shooting

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Thai soldier is charged for deadly shooting

On Friday, officials announced that Thai police had charged a soldier with murder in connection with a shooting at a military training facility that resulted in the deaths of two individuals and the wounding of another (Sep 16).
On Wednesday, a military court located in the north of Bangkok will hear the case against Sergeant Major Yongyuth Mungkornkim, who worked as a clerk at the Royal Thai Army War College.

He is charged with premeditated murder, attempted murder, owning a gun in a public place, and firing a gun in a public place. In addition, he is charged with firing a gun in a public place.

According to a statement sent to AFP by the national deputy police spokesperson Kissana Phathanacharoen, the military court will decide whether or not to issue bail.

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Kissana reported that an evaluation of both Yongyuth’s mental and physical health was taking place at the hospital where she works.

According to the information provided by the official, the investigators from the police department have 84 days to complete their investigation and write a report on the matter before sending the documents to the counsel for the military court.

According to the Bangkok Post, there have been at least two other deadly shooting events involving active-duty soldiers in the past year. Both of these incidents involved shooting fatalities.

And in the year 2020, in what was one of the deadliest episodes to occur in the kingdom in recent years, a soldier went on a shooting rampage that lasted for 17 hours and killed 29 people and injured dozens more before being taken out by commandos.

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