Chiz Escudero cheats on Heart Evangelista with his secretary?

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Chiz Escudero cheats on Heart Evangelista with his secretary

The rumors that Senator Chiz Escudero is having an extramarital affair began to circulate when he was going through difficulties in his relationship with Kapuso singer Heart Evangelista.

In 2015, Chiz and Heart celebrated their union with a magnificent wedding ceremony in Balesin that was attended by a plethora of famous people. Many people who follow the entertainment industry are aware of the fact that their relationship went through a lot of struggles before the actress’s parents became friendly with the politician.

Over the course of their careers, fans have observed how well they complement one another, and in due time, everything settled into its appropriate setting. However, reports of Heart and Chiz breaking up have been circulating within the last several days.

The claimed causes of their rumored breakup have been the subject of a number of speculative explanations that have been put forward. This was one of the issues that was discussed in a recent episode of Showbiz Update, which is a vlog that is hosted by talent manager and blogger Ogie Diaz.

Ogie’s co-host Mama Loi questioned him about whether or not the report that Senator Chiz Escudero fathered a child by a woman, as was said by a netizen on social media, is genuine or false. Another user of the website asserted that the congressman was seen in the company of a woman in a pub.

Aside from this, Ogie also shared that there were rumors saying that the marital problem between Heart and Chiz happened because the actress does not want to get pregnant yet and she wants to maintain her figure. Ogie said that these rumors were spread because of the fact that Heart does not want to get pregnant yet and she wants to maintain her figure.

In addition to this, he stated that even if the reports that led to the actress’s current state of depression are genuine, it is essential to get Heart and Chiz’s side of the story. Mama Loi mentioned that it is extremely clear from Heart’s recent posts on social media that she is going through a rough patch and that it is really visible. She even stated that she is experiencing some difficulty in her personal life at the moment.

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Evangelista will forgive the rumored cheating

In an interview with presenter Karen Davila that was published on the latter’s YouTube channel on Saturday, August 28, the actress stated that she does not believe infidelity to be a dealbreaker in a relationship, despite the fact that some people hold that perspective. Davila questioned the couple about one potential issue that might lead to the end of their relationship.

After that, Davila inquired of Evangelista whether or not she would forgive Escudero in the event that she discovered that her spouse had been unfaithful to her.

“Yes, because I have feelings for him.” She explained, “I don’t love him in the romantic sense; I love him more in the sense of a friend. Ibig kong sabihin, ‘So, you guys are going to have their happy ending? No, I’m going to stick by your side till the very end.”

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