Janella Salvador finally reveals that she is a single mom

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Janella Salvador finally reveals that she is a single mom

As Janella Salvador discussed the challenges of being a single parent to their son Jude, it seems that she may have indirectly acknowledged that she and actor Markus Paterson have split up.

This was discussed by the actress in a talk with the broadcaster Bernadette Sembrano, which was uploaded to the former’s YouTube account on September 3 and may be viewed there. In her opening remarks, Salvador discussed the ways in which she is able to identify with the identity of her character Regina Vanguardia, who serves as Valentina’s alter ego in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna.”

“When Regina has something to fight for, as long as she is confident that she is in the right, she fights for it with all of her might. This is something with which I can identify. Because I enjoy gaining new knowledge, I do the same thing, provided that I do not tread on the toes of others. I appreciate challenging myself.”

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The next question that was posed to Salvador by Sembrano was about the most recent challenge that the actress has been confronting in her actual life. In response, Salvador discussed the struggles she has faced in her role as a mother to Jude.

Salvador retorted, “Being a single mom — talagang nilalaban ko ‘yon (I am really fighting for that).”

Salvador also acknowledged the importance of her mother, the singer and actress Jenine Desiderio, whom she counts as one of her primary inspirations for maintaining her independence.

Following the discovery by fans that Salvador and Paterson had stopped uploading images of themselves together on their separate social media pages, rumors began to circulate that the two stars had ended their relationship. Earlier, Salvador addressed the reports and declared that she and Paterson are happy “individually.” However, at the time, she did not confirm nor deny the suspicions that they had broken up.

In September of 2020, Salvador and Paterson publicly acknowledged the status of their relationship. After some time had passed, they went public with the news that they had become parents by presenting their newborn child to the world.

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