Covid-19: Cat contracts virus from owner, a new case of human-to-animal transition?

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BRUSSELS – A pet cat has been infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus after being infected by by its owner in a new case of human-to-animal transmission.

Belgian Health authority said that cat contracted the disease from its coronavirus-stricken owner. A week after the pet owner was diagnosed with the disease, their cat also started showing symptoms that include diarrhea and respiratory problems.

Doctor Emmanuel Andre, a government agency spokesman on the pandemic, reassures the public that this is “an isolated case”.

“There is no reason to think that animals can be vectors of the epidemic in our society.. So farm there is no evidence that a domestic animal can transmit the virus to humans or other pets“. He added. In early March, a dog in Hong Kong was quarantined after it tested mild positive for the virus.

Belgium currently has a total of 7,284 cases with 284 deaths related to Covid-19.

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