Dota 2 Dead Reckoning Update Patch Notes

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dota 2 dead reckoning update patch notes

Following months of anticipation, Dota 2 will soon receive a new patch. Valve has already made the patch notes for the Dead Reckoning update available, and they include important improvements for Lina, Nature’s Prophet, and other characters. Unfortunately, there have been no significant changes to the gameplay.

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Lina has taken a rather heavy blow from the nerf hammer after dominating the pro scene for months. Her Fiery Soul’s attack and move speed benefits have been reduced, the cooldown on her Dragon Slave has been extended greatly, and the mana cost of Light Strike Array has increased. Her abilities have also seen some changes. Without a doubt, this will prevent her from being a lock for practically every game.

Moreover, Nature’s Prophet, who was also a prominent hero at the Lima Major, has been drastically nerfed. His stat increase, which was among the best in the game, has been halved, and his ultimate’s base damage has also been cut. The fact that his level 20 leashing talent no longer penetrates spell immunity may be considered a more substantial nerf.

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There are a tonne of additional changes that you can read about in the patch notes, but they are practically all minor adjustments to hero and item balance, which will disappoint many players who anticipated a much larger release. There are no modifications to the map or any overarching systems, and it appears that not much has changed.

The new hero Muerta, who was initially introduced at The International 11 last year, is connected to a brand-new event. Now that we are fully aware of what each of her abilities will be capable of, she appears to be a delightful addition to the Dota 2 hero pool. If you manage to earn kills or assists on a target that is allocated to you at the beginning of the game, the event will award you with incentives like a treasure.

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