Thailand’s Xerxia predicts stronger Philippine teams in the future

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Thailand's Xerxia predicts stronger Philippine teams in the future

Fans from the Philippines will never forget how Xerxia broke their hearts when they avenged their loss in the upper bracket to Team Secret and scored a 2-1 escape during their lower bracket finals rematch at the Valorant Champions Tour 2022: APAC Stage 2 Challengers.

“Because of that game, we were able to participate in the rest of the international competitions that would take place this year, which brought us a lot of joy. Despite the difficulty of the situation we were in, it was a relief to be able to take part in the event that Riot was hosting,” In an exclusive interview with GMA News Online, Team Xerxia shared their thoughts.

“Because of the predicament we were in, we were aware that the path ahead of us would be challenging. During the course of the event, we were required to move to three different locations. Simply put, we had no choice except to do the very best that we could at that very moment.”

The team was talking about the early glitch they had in the competition when they were defeated by Team Secret from the Philippines in a close game by a score of 2-1, which put them in the deepest part of the lower bracket.

Xerxia had to fight their way through two close matches with a score of 2-1 before they were able to sweep Onic Esports. After that, they set up their rematch against Team Secret in the lower bracket finals, which they won.

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A strong performance by former Dota 2 player Jessie “JessieVash” Cristy Cuyco was one of the things that they were able to take away from that game with them. Xerxia had a difficult time of it throughout the series as a result of JessieVash’s adventures.

Xerxia is convinced that the only way the esport would progress in the country is in an upward direction after seeing the performance of the Filipino team.

“There will most likely be more formidable Philippine teams in the future (in the future). I think there is a lot of potential in that area, and if there are more tournaments held within the country, it will help teams become more formidable,” The statement was made by a member of the coaching staff.

After having such a good run in the APAC Stage 2 Challengers, it took Xerxia quite some time to finally get a break after all of their hard work. Before the team could reach the high expectations they had set for themselves and win all of the Valorant competitions in Thailand this year, they had to make a lot of sacrifices.

“Eliminating personal time was one of the most difficult difficulties that the team had to overcome. Before we got serious about the game, we just played it for fun, but now that we’re trying to make a living at it, it’s eating up a lot of our spare time. For close to two years in a row, we did not take any time off, and we worked anywhere from six to seven days per week,” The crew was cooperative.

The players on the team actually came from a variety of other games before joining Valorant. They were merely experimenting with the new game at first, but they quickly found their niche and continued playing with an intense level of enthusiasm.

The group would like to offer the following piece of guidance to any and all competitive Valorant players in the region:

“Always compete as though it were the final match of your career. The experience is more important than the outcomes that you get.”

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