‘Ceb’- The king of Dota 2’s triumphant comeback

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ceb the king of dota 2s triumphant comeback

Just how big of an impact can one man have in the realm of team esports? It would be difficult to emphasise the significance of the answer for Dota 2 fans who have followed Sébastien ‘Ceb’ Debs’ amazing career. The first two-time winner of The International, the adored offlaner of OG, and current comeback king.

Few have been able to achieve such legendary status within the esports community, yet the mention of Ceb is met with astonished acclaim from all corners of the industry. Ceb’s career, which began all the way back in 2011, has been filled with challenges that have propelled him and his team to esports renown over a decade, as well as his work fostering OG’s up-and-coming stars. As a result, Ceb’s career is not readily summed up by a single triumph.

Most recently, Ceb stepped up to join OG’s active lineup after a period away from the main stage and recently came out of retirement once more. This new documentary, CEB: A Big Comeback, goes into detail about the highs and lows of his colourful career. His name has been everywhere once more during the past year, but if you missed any part of his epic narrative, you can catch up with it here. Check out the Dota 2 patch..

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His early gaming career began in 2011 with Team Shakira, where he competed as 7ckingMad. After a brief stay at Western Wolves, he then transferred to Mortal Teamwork. Ceb really excelled at mTw, where the team was regarded as a serious candidate for The International in 2012 after defeating rival NEXT.kz in the West Qualification Finals. However, mTs disintegrated, as many startup esports teams do, forcing Ceb to rejoin a freshly revived Team Shakira.

After a few name and personnel changes, Ceb’s team had experienced some spectacular victories and devastating defeats. The squad became DD as a result of several mergers. Dota existed for a while before evolving into Sigma, the team on which Ceb enjoyed the majority of his early victories.

He was appointed as team coach for OG Esports after leaving the squad and making a minor position change to work as an analyst at the Major in Shanghai. Ceb gained confidence all of a sudden, and people began to take notice. The squad flourished under his guidance and support, dominating and taking home victories at the Majors in Frankfurt, Manila, Boston, and Kiev. Nevertheless, prior to The International in 2018, OG saw their roster turned upside down as important players Tal ‘Fly’ Aizik and Gustav’s4′ Magnusson left. Immediately, a hole had to be addressed.

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