Duterte reject calls for ‘Revolutionary Government’, calls it ‘incomprehensible’

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MANILA – Malacañang said on Wednesday it rejects the proposed revolutionary government by a group of the President’s supporters, calling the proposal ‘incomprehensible’ as it wants to unseat those leaders who were constitutionally elected by the people.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque admitted that he was puzzled by the movement launched by Duterte’s own supporters.

Roque claims that he finds it strange but why would they want to unseat a constitutional president if they are really his supporters.

He added that the President has made up his mind against the proposal as he intended to finish his term under the constitutional six year team being mandated.

Duterte favoring the public discussion on the proposal shows his commitment to the free marketplace of ideas.

The President even said that the millitary can even join the discussion if they want.

Roque said that the President was elected for 6 years and he intended to finish that term. There might be a possibility  of people ratifying a revolutionary government but for the meantime, the President will be sticking in the 1987 Constitution. The President denied that he was involved in any move to install a revolutionary government.

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