ESG impact report shows Lazada leads digital economy

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esg impact report shows lazada leads digital economy

Shaping the Future of the Digital Economy for 2022 is the first Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Impact study published by the leading eCommerce platform Lazada. The study describes the company’s efforts to use eCommerce as a force for good through uplifting communities, promoting responsible and sustainable business practices, and mitigating its environmental effect.

“What we have begun lays the groundwork for our ESG commitments in the Philippines, which contributes to the overall beneficial effect our company is having in the region.”

“These include our Lazada x For The Women (FTW) Data Science Scholarship program, where we provide data science training to bright young women seeking a career in technology, and our LazGoGreen project, which addresses our environmental effect,” Barrera said.

In its ecosystem of sellers, digital commerce enablers, third-party logistics partners, and devoted workers, Lazada Group generated 1,1 million economic possibilities. Lazada is committed to giving back to communities and societies via recovery efforts and the development of a more resilient society. Lazada collaborates with local stakeholders to offer initiatives that assist women on their path to become entrepreneurs and recognizes women who have overcome challenges to expand their companies with Lazada.

Lazada Philippines has initiated capacity development initiatives and is inviting entrepreneurs from around the nation to join, as the firm strives to increase the digitalization and eCommerce integration of small companies owned by Filipinos. Lazada, in conjunction with ASEAN, endeavors to globalize and expand the availability of Philippine-made goods throughout the region.

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In addition, 70% of the scholars have been put in new data science jobs since the inception of the Lazada x For The Women Data Science Scholarship. The organization is also committed to enhancing the skill sets of its employees by adopting skill building programs that provide soft and functional training. Lazada works closely with its leaders, employees, and stakeholders to improve the well-being of its people and maintain a healthy, innovative, and stress-free workplace.

Lazada Philippines created programs such as Lazada University, an exclusive education program to empower MSMEs and small business sellers, and the Lazada Learning Festival 2022, Southeast Asia’s largest virtual learning festival to educate and engage budding entrepreneurs.

The Lazada Group developed a baseline carbon inventory in order to determine the primary sources of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions throughout its activities. The outcomes of the carbon inventory activities will be used to boost Lazada’s decarbonization roadmap in the next years and link it with global goals to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. The firm focuses building ties with electric vehicle-using independent contractors.

Lazada Philippines has launched LazGoGreen, a program that decreases the environmental effect of Lazada’s packaging through efficient plastic recovery and reduction activities coordinated around the Philippines. Lazada bolsters this initiative by engaging with businesses and communities to establish a network of sustainable alliances that will shape the future of plastic manufacturing and use. In March of 2020, 70,000 alternative packing pouches were sold, and 35 Lazada vendors adopted plastic alternatives entirely. The firm established up to 18 plastic collecting facilities around the country by 2020.

Lazada Group is one of the few Southeast Asian e-commerce platforms to be accredited by ISO 27001:2013, an international standard for information security that outlines a holistic strategy to ensuring confidentiality. It is the first digital commerce firm in Southeast Asia to have a dedicated Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection Team. In March of 2020, the team conducted a proactive detection and removal of counterfeit items, resulting in 98% of proactive removals occurring prior to a transaction in 2021. Lazada Philippines has forged strong alliances with DTI, DICT, and NPC in order to execute events and activities targeted at raising awareness on a variety of cyber security and online safety themes.

This report was generated using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards 2021 as a guide.

“Beyond being the eCommerce pioneer, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable and healthy environment that meaningfully links our customers and merchants. Our strategy is to embrace a ‘ecosystem attitude,’ in which better links with our partners and stakeholders along our value chain are essential for generating a lasting, beneficial impact,” Barrera said.

Here is the whole FY2022 ESG Impact Report: Shaping the Future of the Digital Economy.

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