Federal government set to unveil RM25bil energy transition roadmap projects

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federal government set to unveil rm25bil energy transition roadmap projects

Rafizi Ramli, the Minister of Economic Affairs of Malaysia, is set to unveil several energy projects worth RM25 billion under the Energy Transition Roadmap.

Reportedly, the government will announce energy transition roadmap projects on July 27. The first phase of the energy transition roadmap consists of 10 energy transition projects to be established with the help of the private sector.

He said that the federal government will not announce any “quick fix” projects. He further said that announcing federal projects during state polls was just coincidence. 

Rafizi Ramli told reporters on the sidelines of the International Malaysia Law Conference, “What we are referring to are ‘quick-fix projects’ at localities just because it’s election time, it’s a given there won’t be any of that. Back then, we didn’t know when the state elections would be held.”

Reportedly, the energy transition roadmap projects aims to support the government’s structural reforms of the economy. 

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The Malaysian Economy Minister further said, “These are the things that the government is focusing on to realign our economy and our companies into what can attract foreign investments to the companies by buying their shares.”

During the International Malaysia Law Conference, the Minister of Economy also described the wage model as one of the most “unpopular” reforms that he would implement as a policymaker. He said that the government’s plan to announce a progressive wage model could mean making annual salary increments compulsory. 

Ahead of the state election, raising salaries were among the key election pledges of the Pakatan Harapan (PH), a Malaysian political coalition consisting of center-left political parties.

Pandan MP and Pakatan Harapan’s Rafizi Ramli said, “We will present to the government the policy paper for a progressive wage model in early August.”

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