Four suspects of synthetic marijuana producer are apprehended over Police raid in Apartment

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Four drugs suspects were apprehended by the police on Friday.  This apprehended was conducted by the police that a raid on an apartment in Surabaya, East Java. The place was allegedly used to produce synthetic marijuana by those four suspects.

The raid was conducted by the Jakarta Police in coordination with the East Java Police. That was stated by Head of the Jakarta Police Drug Unit Adjunct Senior Commissioner Ahmad Fanani Eko. This apprehend following the arrest of other suspects in Jakarta recently.

“The suspects arrested in Jakarta ordered the drug from Surabaya for distribution in Surabaya. The production site was in East Java,” Eko noted.

Buyers, he said,  would generally place the order through social media to the producer in Surabaya. Then the synthetic marijuana would thereafter be sent to customers using delivery service.

Regarding the ingredient of the synthetic drug, Eko had to confirm it yet first. But he said that it could produce an effect similar to those of another synthetic cannabis, the Gorilla brand “super tobacco”.

According to information that shared by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), the drug, named AB-CHMINACA, after being smoked, is absorbed by the lungs followed by other parts of the body, including the brain. Then, users of the tobacco will sense being crushed in a gorilla’s embrace .

As well as the synthetic cannabinoid-type of drug can also induce the bad effects. The users would be in psychotic episodes, agitation, aggression, anxiety, ideas of suicide, as well as withdrawal and addiction syndrome.

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