How the Dior Bag Scandal Could Cost President Yoon and His Party the Election

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how the dior bag scandal could cost president yoon and his party the election

President Yoon Suk Yeol is the leader of the conservative People Power Party (PPP), which has been in power in South Korea since 2023. He is known for his anti-corruption and pro-reform agenda, which has earned him the nickname of “the bulldozer”. He is also known for his hardline stance against North Korea and China, which has strained his relations with some of his allies and neighbors.

However, his popularity and credibility have been tarnished by a scandal involving his wife, Kim Keon Hee, who was secretly filmed accepting a Dior bag worth $2,240 from a pastor, Choi Jae-young, in 2022. The video was released by a left-wing YouTube channel, Voice of Seoul, in November 2023, just months before the general election in April 2024.

The scandal has sparked public outrage and criticism, as it raised questions about the ethics and integrity of the president and his family, and about the influence and interference of religious groups in politics. The scandal has also exposed the divisions and conflicts within the PPP, as some members have called for the president’s apology and resignation, while others have defended and supported him.


The Dior bag scandal could have a significant and negative impact on President Yoon and his party’s chances of winning the election, for several reasons, such as:

  • Losing trust and support: The Dior bag scandal could erode and damage the trust and support that President Yoon and his party have enjoyed from the public, especially from their core and loyal voters, who value honesty and morality in their leaders. The scandal could also alienate and disillusion some of the swing and moderate voters, who may be disappointed and dissatisfied with the president and his party’s performance and policies, and who may seek for change and alternatives in the election.
  • Facing scrutiny and pressure: The Dior bag scandal could invite and increase the scrutiny and pressure that President Yoon and his party face from the media, the opposition, and the judiciary, who may investigate and expose more details and evidence related to the scandal, and who may demand and pursue more accountability and responsibility from the president and his party. The scandal could also invite and increase the scrutiny and pressure that President Yoon and his party face from the public, the civil society, and the international community, who may protest and criticize the president and his party’s actions and reactions, and who may question and challenge the president and his party’s legitimacy and credibility.
  • Lacking unity and leadership: The Dior bag scandal could create and deepen the disunity and discord within the PPP, as it could widen and intensify the gap and the conflict between the pro- and anti-Yoon factions and groups, and as it could undermine and jeopardize the cohesion and the stability of the party. The scandal could also create and deepen the lack of leadership and direction within the PPP, as it could distract and divert the attention and the resources of the party from the election campaign and the policy agenda, and as it could weaken and hamper the authority and the influence of the president and the party leaders.

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The Dior bag scandal is a serious and unprecedented crisis that has shaken and threatened the presidency and the party of Yoon Suk Yeol, who has been widely expected and predicted to win the election and to secure a second term in office. The scandal could cost President Yoon and his party the election, as it could affect and reduce their popularity and competitiveness, and as it could benefit and boost their rivals and opponents, especially the liberal Democratic Party, which has been trailing behind the PPP in the polls. The scandal could also have lasting and far-reaching implications and consequences for the political and social landscape and order in South Korea, which has been polarized and divided by the issues and the personalities of the president and his party.

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