How the Islamic Organization’s Endorsement for Prabowo and Gibran Could Swing the Presidential Election

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how the islamic organization's endorsement for prabowo and gibran could swing the presidential election

The 2024 presidential election in Indonesia is heating up, as the three main contenders, Prabowo Subianto, Ganjar Pranowo, and Anies Baswedan, are vying for the support of various groups and segments of voters. One of the most influential and sought-after groups is the Islamic organization, which consists of various religious and social institutions that represent the interests and values of Muslim voters. 

Recently, the Islamic organization has announced its endorsement for Prabowo and his running mate Gibran Rakabuming Raka, the son of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo. This endorsement could swing the presidential election in favor of Prabowo and Gibran, as it could boost their electability, legitimacy, and appeal among the Muslim voters.

The Reasons and Motives for the Endorsement

The Islamic organization’s endorsement for Prabowo and Gibran is based on several reasons and motives, both ideological and pragmatic. On the ideological level, the Islamic organization believes that Prabowo and Gibran share its vision of promoting Islam as a source of guidance and inspiration for the nation’s development and prosperity. 

Prabowo has a track record of being a staunch defender of Islam and a supporter of Islamic causes, both domestically and internationally. Gibran, despite being the son of Jokowi, who is often seen as a secular and nationalist leader, has also shown his commitment to Islam and his respect for the Islamic organization. He has visited and consulted with various Islamic leaders and scholars, and has pledged to uphold the integrity pact that the Islamic organization has prepared for him and Prabowo.

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On the pragmatic level, the Islamic organization’s endorsement for Prabowo and Gibran is also driven by its strategic and political calculations. The Islamic organization sees Prabowo and Gibran as the most viable and winnable pair among the three candidates, as they have the advantage of having a broad and diverse coalition of parties, groups, and figures behind them. 

Prabowo and Gibran also have the benefit of having Jokowi’s tacit support and endorsement, as Jokowi has facilitated and approved Gibran’s candidacy, despite being from a different party than his own. The Islamic organization hopes that by endorsing Prabowo and Gibran, it can secure its influence and interests in the next government, as well as avoid the risks and uncertainties of siding with the other candidates.

The Impacts and Implications of the Endorsement

The Islamic organization’s endorsement for Prabowo and Gibran could have significant impacts and implications for the presidential election, as well as for the country’s political and social dynamics. The endorsement could boost Prabowo and Gibran’s electability, especially among the Muslim voters, who make up about 87 percent of the population. 

The endorsement could also enhance Prabowo and Gibran’s legitimacy and appeal, as they can claim to have the support and blessing of the Islamic organization, which is widely respected and trusted by the Muslim community. The endorsement could also help Prabowo and Gibran to overcome some of the challenges and criticisms that they face, such as the allegations of dynastic politics, the lack of ideological consistency, and the potential conflict of interest.

However, the endorsement could also pose some challenges and risks for Prabowo and Gibran, as well as for the Islamic organization itself. The endorsement could alienate some of the voters who are not comfortable or supportive of the Islamic organization’s agenda and influence, especially among the non-Muslim, moderate, and pluralist segments of the society. 

The endorsement could also create some tensions and divisions within Prabowo and Gibran’s coalition, as some of their allies and supporters may have different views and interests from the Islamic organization. The endorsement could also backfire on the Islamic organization, as it could expose it to accusations of being partisan, opportunistic, and divisive, as well as to potential sanctions and scrutiny from the authorities.

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