Outgoing Indonesian Leader Widodo’s Son is Running for VP: Details

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outgoing indonesian leader widodo’s son is running for vp details

Last updated on October 21st, 2023 at 02:56 pm

Picture this: Indonesia, a nation known for its diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and bustling cities, is now the stage for an unexpected political narrative that could rival even the most captivating of stories. The protagonist? The Constitutional Court, which has just thrown a political curveball that’s left the entire country in awe.

The Ruling’s Effect

The plot thickens with the court’s unprecedented ruling, which reshapes the very essence of who can run for the country’s top posts. Brace yourselves, folks, because now, candidates under 40 with prior experience in elected regional roles can throw their hats into the ring for the presidency or vice presidency. 

Some claim that Jokowi is orchestrating this move to maintain his influence in Indonesian politics by backing Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto as his successor and anointing Gibran as the ideal running mate. 

Judge M Guntur Hamzah, the character behind the climactic courtroom scene, passionately defended the ruling, arguing that age restrictions could stifle the potential of younger, experienced politicians. He even pulled out examples like France and New Zealand, where leaders took the reins in their thirties. But here’s the twist – the ruling came just days before the election registration deadline, sparking rumors that the court’s impartiality might be in question.

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Who is the VP Candidate?

As the nation watches with bated breath, Gibran, the elusive potential candidate, remains tight-lipped. It’s like he’s the enigmatic lead in a suspense thriller, leaving us all guessing about his true intentions.

In a touching human touch, Jokowi, through his office’s YouTube channel, artfully sidesteps commenting on the court’s ruling to avoid any hint of interference. When asked about his son’s possible candidacy, he plays it cool, saying, “I’d like to emphasize, I do not get in the middle of the business of presidential or vice-presidential candidates.”

As the political drama unfolds, Prabowo, the formidable rival from Jokowi’s past elections, is neck and neck in the polls with Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo. The court’s decision has thrown a veil of uncertainty over the proceedings, leaving many questioning whether the Constitutional Court can be a truly impartial referee in this high-stakes political spectacle. We’re deep into uncharted territory here, folks, and the tale of Indonesia’s political future remains uncertain and ever so intriguing.

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