Indonesia tightens security in Papua after ten people are killed in a riot

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indonesia tightens security in papua after ten people are killed in a riot

An official stated on Friday that Indonesia increased security in the town of Wamena in the easternmost part of Papua after 10 people were killed in a disturbance sparked by rumors that a child had been kidnapped.

Police stated that more than 200 security officers, including police and the military, were deployed to calm the situation after more than 20 people were injured in Thursday’s riot.

Papua province police spokeswoman Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo stated in a statement that the situation was “manageable” but was being monitored.

Locals, enraged by rumors of a child abduction, began throwing rocks at the Wamena police station, where a guy accused of snatching a six-year-old was detained, he claimed before.

He stated that despite police summoning the child’s parents to confirm that she was safe, the violence continued and further structures were set ablaze.

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Benny stated that security personnel responded by opening fire, resulting in ten deaths and 23 injuries.

Amnesty International in Indonesia demanded an investigation, expressing regret over the civilian killings as well as the inappropriate use of official authority.

The police chief of Papua apologized for the fatalities.

As a result of the abduction of a New Zealand pilot by separatist rebels, tensions have risen in Papua, one of the poorest regions in the country.

The Indonesian military has stated that it is prepared to execute a “law enforcement action” to ensure the pilot’s release if discussions fail.

Since the resource-rich province, once administered by the Netherlands, was brought under Indonesian administration in 1969 following a disputed vote endorsed by the United Nations, separatists have fought a low-level struggle for independence.

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