Indonesia’s Potential in Sports Hits Another Dimension

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 Indonesia Indonesia – Indonesia’s prosperity to be set in the main three in the 2021 SEA Games lived up to the president’s assumptions and shown the adequacy of the National Sports Grand Design (DBON).

In view of this, Indonesia is set third, with 69 gold decorations, 91 silver awards, and 81 bronze awards. The Games’ host, Vietnam, is set first, with 205 gold decorations, 125 silver awards, and 116 bronze awards, while Thailand is in runner up, with 92 gold decorations, 103 silver decorations, and 136 bronze decorations.

Aside from offering his thanks, the pastor likewise said thanks to the Indonesian competitors for their endeavors put in the games as well as the Indonesian Ambassador in Vietnam, the cook de mission group, Indonesia’s NOC, Indonesia‘s (KONI), and different partners.

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He noticed that the power will utilize a similar strategy and framework to choose the competitors for future global rivalries, especially for the Asian Games in Hangzhou and SEA Games in Cambodia, both in 2023.

Morever, Amali then, at that point, communicated certainty that on the off chance that the advancement of public games go on in a positive pattern, Indonesia’s contingent in the 2044 Olympics will be set in the main five.

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