Indonesia Team is Bagging the Medals for Archery

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 Indonesia Indonesia – Indonesia’s group arose as broad boss of the archery sport branch at the 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam by packing five gold awards and a silver decoration from the 10 gold decorations available for anyone.

The last gold award was stowed in the men’s group compound occasion by the Arjuna triplet: Adika Deki Hastian, Pratama Hendika Putra, as well as Wisnu Prima Wardhana. During the opposition held at the Hanoi National Sports Training Center, Vietnam, on Thursday, they effectively figured out how to secure a nearby triumph over Malaysia’s agents, with a score of 230-229.

With this outcome, the Malaysian group needed to agree to a silver decoration, while the bronze award was won by the Philippines that crushed Thailand, with a score of 231-229, during the match to decide the third spot.

They performed terrifically. The match was serious in light of the fact that Indonesia was just a single point away from Malaysia. The prior four gold decorations were sacked in the Men’s Single Recurve by Arif Dwi Pangestu; in the Men’s Team Recurve by Alviyanto Prastyadi, Arif Dwi Pangestu, and Riau Ega Agatha; in the Women’s Single Recurve by Rezza Octavia; and in Mixed Recurve by Rezza Octavia and Riau Ega Agatha.

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Also, the silver award was won by Riau Ega Agatha in the Men’s Single Recurve. This outcome is far superior than that in the SEA Games 2019 during which the Indonesian Archery National Team figured out how to pack two gold, two silver, and four bronze awards.

This outcome is indivisible from their earnestness in completing preparation programs, as per Nurfitriyana, who was one of the ladies competitors that won a silver decoration during the 1998 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

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