Innocent driver got assaulted by group of men in Johor after being accused of causing accident

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An innocent driver of a Proton Wira was blamed and was assaulted by a mob for a traffic accident that happened at the intersection near Taman Cendana in Seri Alam. The victim who was 19 years old has suffered serious injuries in his head, right leg, cheekbones and broken parts in other areas of his body like in his nose, fingers and toes after being beaten up by a group of men who have thought that he’s the one who have caused the accident at the intersection of Jalan Taman Cendana and Masai Kongkong.

The victim is currently being hospitalized at the Columbia Hospital to receive treatment for the injuries he got after being attacked.

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Chief Superintendent Mohd Sohaimi Ishak of Seri Alam district police clarified that it was actually the 38-year old female motorcyclist who hit the car of the victim after coming from Jalan Kota Masai towards Jalan Scientex. He said that the driver of the motorcycle was not able to step on the brake on time which caused her to hit the victim’s car as she was about to turn right towards Jalan Kota Masai.

He stated that the motorcyclist is now receiving treatment at the Sultan Ismail Hospital for the serious injuries in the head, legs and hands which she got from the accident while the driver of the car who at first don’t have any injuries later suffered from being beaten up by the mob after being accused of crashing into the motorcyclist.

The incident was captured in two videos in which a group of men will be seen gathering around and attacking the driver at the traffic light intersection. Mohd Sohaimi said that the incident was being investigated under Section 43 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987, but will be investigated under Section 148 of the Penal Code as well for rioting and using dangerous weapons to cause injuries which was caused by the passers-by. On that note, Sohaimi assured that the police will find the people involved and will get them arrested while advising the public to leave the investigation to the police instead of acting on their own accord.

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