Jokowi Broke his Silence Over the Comments to Islam

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Indonesian President Joko Widodo finally broke his silence and denounced what he called “terrorist” attacks in France, but also cautioned that President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks had insulted Islam and hurt Muslim solidarity everywhere.

In Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, radical Islamic groups have called for demonstrations and boycotts against France, sharing Mr. Macron ‘s image as a red-eyed devilish snail. Equality of expression that damages the noble purity and religious ideals and the sign of faith is so false that it can not be justified and it must cease.

He continued, however, that it is a huge mistake to attribute religion to acts of terrorism. Telling that Terrorists are terrorists. A Tunisian knife-wielding man screaming “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) decapitated a woman and killed two other people in a church in the French city of Nice.

In view of this, The assault came less than two weeks after an 18-year-old gunman, reportedly incensed by a teacher displaying a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad in class, was decapitated by a middle school teacher in a Paris suburb. On the other hand, Mr. Macron has promised to stand firm against threats on French principles and freedom of belief, but some of his remarks have proven controversial both before and since the latest attacks, including calling Islam a religion in trouble around the world.

Mr Joko did not mention which of the comments made by Mr Macron he responded to in his address. Recently, an Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman stated that the ministry had summoned the French ambassador over Mr. Macron ‘s statements that they insulted Islam and that he allowed the cartoons to be released.

For this reason, Tens of thousands of Muslims have marched against France in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, and the Palestinian territories.

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