Kelantan Sultan urges constituencies to abide by Covid-19 laws and to not cross state borders for Aidiladha

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Sultan Muhammad V has advised his subjects to follow the National Recovery Plan order and settle in their home villages for the celebration of the Aidiladha and not to cross the state borders.

Senior private secretary of Sultan Muhammad V, Datuk Nik Mohd Shafriman Nik Hassan believes that being not able to be with your parents in the middle of the pandemic does not necessarily mean that you do not love them but rather, it was a responsible choice of making sure that your families are protected against any possible Covid-19 infection.

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In a statement, he said that in responsibly holding ourselves back from being meeting our family, we are able to protect them from the risk of getting exposed from the Covid-19 virus which was currently aggressively mutating with high infectivity rate.

He added that Kelantan’s Covid-19 confirmed cases remains at three figures, the public must still be vigilant in abiding with the Covid-19 laws and remain responsible in observing the guidelines put into place like always wearing face masks, observing physical distancing and personal hygiene so as not to be infected with the Covid-19 virus.

According to Nik Mohd Shafriman, taking into consideration the high positive cases in the country, the mosques have also been advised by Sultan Muhammad V to follow the set guidelines.

The Sultan has also reminded the people of previous incidences which led to mosque clusters and told them to learn from these incidences considering that the virus does not choose which people, place or time to infect.

He also mentioned that as a part of the Prophet’s teachings regarding the problem of infectious diseases, prevention is the key. It is the religious responsibility of each person as well as of the society to take preventive measures and avoid public places, including mosques to avoid infecting those who are healthy.

Nik Mohd Shafriman has mentioned that Sultan Muhammad V called for his subjects to have the patience while in the middle of these difficulties and to join forces in addressing the problems such that it will help ease the burdens of the health workers who were doing their best to save the lives of thousands of patients nationwide. He added that the Sultan have also been asking the people to continue praying for the pandemic to get under control and for herd immunity to be achieved as soon as possible.

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