LG exhibits sound-producing, flexible vehicle screens at CES 2023

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lg exhibits sound producing, flexible vehicle screens at ces 2023

While the annual Consumer Electronics Show has been primarily known for the introduction of new televisions, smart appliances, and occasionally experimental gadgets, it has also become an important trade event for the automotive industry, particularly as the number of electric vehicles (EVs) increased.

The event’s organizers believe it to be one of the largest auto exhibitions in the world, with 300 automotive-related exhibitors and vehicle manufacturers such as BMW presenting a keynote address this year.

LG is one of the conventional technology businesses that are currently emphasizing their efforts in the automobile market. LG Display, a subsidiary of the South Korean manufacturer, has introduced new sorts of dashboard displays designed for future automobiles. The car display vertical is being encouraged as a growth engine, according to LG.

In press images, LG displays a 12.8-inch continuous center console display that follows the dashboard’s curvature, with the upper section displaying the primary user interface and the lower portion displaying temperature control. Along the top of the dashboard is a display that displays information from the navigation system and other sources.

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LG used a technology known as P-OLED (Plastic OLED) to enable the display’s curvature. LG stated in a press statement that “P-OLED employs elastic plastic as a substrate instead of glass, making it light and flexible while preserving great picture quality, making it appropriate for achieving ergonomic curved design.”

The displays will also utilize LTPS (Low Polycrystalline Silicon) LCD, which will “allow bigger, higher-resolution screens and more unique, practical designs,” according to the manufacturer.

LG is creating screens that not only display visual information but also emit sound, which are intended to replace conventional speakers. LG explained, “Its compact size and innovative form factor allow it to be installed in various parts of the interior of a vehicle, such as the headliner, pillar, dashboard, or headrest, creating a consistent sound quality throughout the cabin so that everyone can enjoy its stereoscopic sound effects.”

The Thin Actuator Sound Solution is a technique that employs a vibration-generating device made of film to enable display panels and other car interior materials to make sound. LG also stated that the new speaker type is more ecologically friendly, as it has a greater energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, and removes typical speaker components such as neodymium.

LG will provide the new screens to automakers and component manufacturers. The Korea Economic Daily stated that LG has received orders for $393 billion worth of vehicle parts including EV batteries, camera modules, and other components by the first quarter of 2023. Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Apple, which is rumored to release the Apple Car in 2026, are among the recognized clients of LG Display.

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