“Lockdown to Train Kids in being Wise”

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There are creative ways that we can teach during this enhanced community quarantine. Besides saving, children often learn about the value of personal hygiene and physical distance, as they obey a set of rules to purchase from Mama’s home quarantine store.

Mother Hycinth Clor de Arta, hoping to be successful while in quarantine, set up a mini sari-sari store at home for her children in Davao del Norte, complete with laws, costs, play money and even “salaries.” The entire province of Davao del Norte has been under community quarantine since March 16, in an attempt to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Classes at all rates have been cancelled because of the quarantine.

De Arta shared how her four children, though holed up at home, spent much of their free time watching TV, movies and YouTube.

This is the fun side, the children will have to comply in doing their chores to gain enough play money to buy food from the sari-sari shop. Chore, such as sweeping the kitchen floor or throwing the garbage, has its own corresponding number, from P200 to P500.

De Arta also teaches her children the value of personal hygiene, cleanliness and physical distance in guarding against coronavirus through the sari-sari shop.

Her laws include a ban on those without face masks, as well as first consuming alcohol before buying. When lined up, physical distancing is a must too. Those found arguing or crying would also be banned from the store for 3 hours.

De Arta said that even with the chores, her kids were happy to have a sari-sari store in their house.

Educate the kids how to get stuff to work for it. Not all parents will tolerate their kids crying if they really want to get what they want. As a parent they need to literally inspire them and instruct them how to work on creative and helpful stuff.

Train them young and they will live a life full of wisdom.

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