Malaysia is the 10th most influenced country by China

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malaysia is the 10th most influenced country by china

Malaysia has been rated tenth on a list of 82 nations that are most impacted by China, according to a new research measuring Beijing’s growing worldwide influence.

The China Index, a database released on December 8 by Taiwanese research firm DoubleThink Labs, focuses on nine categories to track China’s global influence, including higher education, domestic politics, economic ties, foreign policy, law enforcement, media, military cooperation, cultural ties, and technology.

According to DoubleThink Labs, the indicators are given to local specialists in index nations, who provide empirical proof as to whether or not the occurrence is occurring.

It was said that comments from local experts are examined, quantified, and normalized to produce nation profiles and domain rankings.

The indicators collectively represent the first and only scientific attempt to condense China’s influence into a single collection of observable events.

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Periodically, the nation profiles, domains, and indicators will be updated to aid academics, civil society, the media, and policymakers in evaluating and comprehending the changing nature and effects of China’s worldwide influence.

Pakistan, Cambodia, and Singapore are regarded as the nations most susceptible to China’s influence as of November 2022.

Paraguay, North Macedonia, and Albania are regarded as the least impacted nations.

It is estimated that China’s impact is strongest in the fields of technology, foreign policy, and internal politics, and lowest in the fields of military and society.

Pakistan is the nation with the greatest degree of Chinese influence worldwide.

Following Pakistan on the list are Cambodia and Singapore, followed by Thailand.

Philippines ranks seventh while Malaysia ranks tenth.

South Africa is the highest-ranked African nation at No. 5, tied with Peru, the highest-ranked South American nation.

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