Malaysian actor attacked in Singapore by man armed with baton

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malaysian actor attacked in singapore by man armed with baton

It has been reported that Malaysian actor Kamal Adli suffered significant injuries after being attacked on Sunday during an event called Hari Raya Mega Sale 2023 held at Singapore Expo (Mar 12).

According to Berita, the incident took place as Kamal and his wife, the actress Uqasha Senrose, were meeting with admirers during a photo session.

According to Uqasha, who spoke with the Malaysian media outlet Astro Awani, the group was snapping selfies with a woman when a man approached them and inquired about Kamal’s whereabouts.

They had the impression that the man was a supporter.

According to Uqasha, the man then abruptly took out a baton and “struck Kamal on the back of the head many times.”

At 9:19 p.m. on Sunday, members of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) received information about a fight, according to the SPF.

Initial inquiries indicated that a man in his thirties had allegedly assaulted a man in his forties at the spot while armed with a baton. The older man was 33 years old.

According to the police, the man, who was 36 years old, was awake while being transported to the hospital.

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After the event, Uqasha shared a tale to her Instagram account, in which she showed Kamal with blood on his neck and on his clothing.

When Uqasha was asked about the status of her husband, she responded that due to a massive and long wound, he was had to have surgery.

Uqasha and her siblings have reportedly also been threatened by the same individual, as reported by Harian Metro.

She shared her story with a local newspaper in Malaysia and said, “After he was caught by the public, he provided many reasons, including that he was dispatched by another party.”

“After that, he informed me he had a personal problem with Kamal, and when I pressed him further, he admitted that he was jealous of Kamal’s decision to marry me.”

The suspect was reportedly arrested for knowingly inflicting injury with a dangerous weapon and for being in possession of an offensive weapon, according to the Singapore police.

They stated that the baton was taken into custody as an exhibit for the case, and that investigations are still ongoing.

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