PUBG Mobile Southeast Asia Lineup is revealed

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pubg mobile southeast asia lineup is revealed

PUBG MOBILE has officially announced the 15 Southeast Asian partner teams that will be entering the Partnership Program. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines are the pioneering teams joining the program.

The teams were chosen based on their recent tournament success, future commitment, fan appeal, and the popularity of PUBG MOBILE Esports in their respective countries; each team will earn guaranteed seats in the PMPL and PMSL, in addition to other partner advantages and opportunities.

PUBG Mobile has recently revealed the very first partner teams to join their Partnership Program in the PUBG Mobile Super League, and guess what? Fifteen teams from the region of Southeast Asia have made the cut!

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As Southeast Asia partner teams, five teams from Indonesia, four teams from Malaysia, three teams from Thailand, two teams from Vietnam, and one team from the Philippines have been formally confirmed.

What does this implication signify for these teams? They will receive assured slots for PMPL and PMSL SEA, in addition to all other partner advantages and possibilities. About PMSL SEA, the competition begins with Week One on March 22 and continues for three weeks before the PMSL Finals on April 14–16.

How then did these teams gain admission to the program? It depends on their prior tournament performance, their dedication to the game, their popularity with fans, and the popularity of PUBG Mobile Esports in their respective nations.

With their new partnership status, these teams will have even more opportunities to develop their players, engage with fans, and contribute to their communities. Here are the partner teams for the Southeast Asia region, as promised!

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