Military Tank Hits Motorbikes and Food Cart in West Bandung, Commission I DPR Member Asks for Explanation

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On Thursday, September 10, a tank owned by Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI AD) crashed into four motorbikes and a street food cart, in Rajamandala District, West Bandung Regency.

Assistant Traffic Unit (Panit) of Cipatat Police Second Inspector Nana, confirmed the incident.

The four motorbikes were parked and one street food cart belongs to a food cart seller. As a result of the collision caused by a tank, four motorbikes and a street food cart were severely damaged.

“Yes, there was a tank accident. But it was just an ordinary accident. Four motorbikes and a street food cart were damaged,” Nana said, Thursday, September 10.

The 19-second video captured by residents shows two tanks trying to turn after passing.

The first tank made a smooth turn. But the second tank got out of control and then hit the motorbikes and a food cart. The tank driver seemed unable to control the speed of the tank.

Regarding the accident, Willy Aditya, a member of Commission I of the House of Representatives (DPR) from the National Democratic Party, asked the TNI AD to carry out a thorough investigation and convey the results publicly.

According to Willy, the accident involving a tank belonging to the Army was not just negligence of the tank driver. He added that there were regulations on the use of military equipment.

Willy also appreciated the steps taken by the TNI AD for investigating and compensating civilians who were victims. Willy also continued to ask for an explanation from the Army about why the tanks were able to get out of the base.

Meanwhile, member of Commission I of the House of Representatives of the F-Gerindra Party Fadli Zon said tank accidents were nothing new. Accidents involving combat equipment are considered to be an urgency for modernizing defense equipment.

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