Ministry of Health Responds to Anies Statement on Possible Corona Contamination in KRL Commuterline

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Government Spokesperson related to Corona virus as well as Director General of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, dr. Achmad Yurianto responded to the statement of DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan who mentioned the risk of Corona virus contamination on the KRL-2 route on the Bogor-Depok-Jakarta City route was indeed possible.

“It’s possible, right? There are close contacts, that’s what’s important,” Yurianto said, Wednesday (11/3) night.

Previously on the same day, Wednesday (11/3) morning, Anies mentioned the vulnerability of the spread of the corona virus on the Bogor-Depok-Jakarta City KRL-2 route in its closed presentation with the Regional Work Unit (SKPD) at DKI Jakarta City Hall.

“Look, we discussed so much. There were more than 20 slides earlier. The point is why it was gathered by all levels, both the head of the OPD and BUMD leaders, to convey all the potential risks so that the ranks could take mitigation measures,” Anies explained.

The Ministry of Health suppressed the public, the statement was not intended to frighten but rather remind the public to be more careful when crowding with other passengers.

“Earlier, Anies’s words were contaminated with trains. These were full of people, so they were prone to transmission because of this disease, which brought people instead of trains. Why? Because it is crowded, jostling, so close contact is very likely to occur. So it is not the train that is contaminated but with the risk of being crammed into contagion, “Yurianto said.

Yurianto appealed to KRL users to use personal protective equipment such as masks and wash their hands after getting off the train.

On that side, he also questioned PT Kereta Api Commuter Indonesia (KCI) whether it could arrange the trip in such a way that the trains were not overcrowded and not jostling in order to minimize the spread of the Corona virus.

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