Netflix’s depiction of Cleopatra as black African sparks controversy in Egypt

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netflix's depiction of cleopatra as black african sparks controversy in egypt

The portrayal of Queen Cleopatra as a black African in the Netflix docudrama series “African Queens: Queen Cleopatra” has sparked controversy in Egypt. People are discussing whether the way Cleopatra is shown in the show is accurate and if it correctly represents her race.

The problem started when a lawyer made a complaint against the series, claiming that it broke media laws and was trying to eliminate the Egyptian culture. The complaint led to a broader discussion about the historical figure’s history and the importance of portraying her accurately in the media.

There is a debate among historians about Cleopatra’s ethnicity. Some argue that she was not black but had a lighter complexion. However, others note that we do not know who her mother was, which means she could have been from Egypt or another part of Africa.

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The person in charge of the show and the actress who plays Cleopatra, Adele James, have spoken up in support of the way the character is depicted. They believe that there are different opinions and ways of interpreting Cleopatra’s background. James has been receiving negative comments online because of her role as Cleopatra. She addressed her critics on Twitter by telling them that if they don’t like the casting, they don’t have to watch the show.

The decision to cast a mixed-race British actress named James as Cleopatra was made to acknowledge the ongoing discussion about the ethnicity of the historical figure. Netflix stated in a report on their Tudum website that their show aims to bring attention to the stories of black queens that are often overlooked or not commonly talked about.

Jada Pinkett Smith, the actress from America who produced and narrated the show, said that it was important for her, her daughter, and her community to hear stories about black queens. She mentioned that there are many stories like this that are not often told, and it was important to her to share them.

The discussion about how Cleopatra is depicted in the Netflix show emphasizes how crucial it is for media to be truthful and inclusive, especially when it comes to historical figures who are important to culture and society. Some people may find it controversial to depict Cleopatra as a black African, but it helps us understand that Egypt’s history and cultural heritage are diverse and complex.

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