Pet Handling in the Seam of COVID-19

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Filipino are undeniably pet lovers and in times like this, people are surely taking up safety measures for their pets. There are millions of families remaining indoors in the wake of the outbreak of the lethal novel coronavirus disease.

President Rodrigo Duterte put Luzon under intensified neighborhood quarantine, banning the travel of families outside their homes. Several towns, counties, and provinces beyond Luzon followed suit in a attempt to curtail the country’s spread of the virus.

That’s why PETA Asia has provided advice to look after people’s beloved cats and dogs in the middle of the lockout.

PETA Asia noted that while health authorities believe that cats and dogs are not at risk of catching the novel coronavirus or spreading it, pet owners will also keep their canine companions safe and stable during the pandemic.

Here are the tips:

  • Never place face masks on animals because they can cause respiratory problems due to difficulty of breathing.
  • Allow animals to walk and run freely around the home — try not to cage or crate them.
  • People who are ill or under veterinary attention with COVID-19 should prevent physical interaction with animals and let another member of their family caring with animals so that they do not have the infection on their skin.

PETA emphasized that once an infectious human encounters it, the coronavirus may always linger in the pet’s skin, much like it does on any other surface.

These tips are surely helpful and will ease the anxiety of getting our pets infected by COVID-19.

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