PM Muhyiddin: Government to continue strengthening the Syariah courts

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Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

KUALA LUMPUR – The syariah judicial and legal institution that upholds Islamic teachings will continue to be strengthened and empowered, said Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

The prime minister said that the government is committed to strengthening and empowering the institution that uphold and defend islam.

The government is also looking for a possibility of appointing more syariah judges to expand the jurisdiction of the court.

Muhyiddin said that he is aware of the duty and responsibility that the syariah judges and officials are carrying. He hopes they continue to exercise patience and uphold high integrity in their duties.

The Prime Minister also added that measures are still being taken to fight of the Covid-19 by enforcing the movement control order (MCO) and temporarily clong mosques for prayers and using maqasid syariah as its guiding principles to fight the pandemic.

Muhyiddin said that the maqasid syariah has always been the guiding principle to ensure the safety and well-being of Malaysian. Throughout the movement control order (MCO), protecting the religion was also the one of the main issued that was tackled by the government. Muhyiddin said that they have created a new norm in the lives of Muslims such as now allowing congregational prayers as long as the strict standard operating procedures is being observed.

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